Douglas Village Hall

City Government of Douglas Michigan

The Village of Friendliness – Since 1870

In December 2004, Douglas became a strong manager, seven-member council, Home Rule City governed by a City Charter. We, the people of the City of the Village of Douglas, pursuant to authority granted by the Constitution and the laws of the State of Michigan, in order to secure the benefits of efficient self-government and to promote our common welfare, do hereby ordain and establish a Charter for the City of the Village of Douglas. Your Mayor and City Council are an active, elected body of government officials responsible for legislation and policy-making for the City. The Mayor and six Council members are devoted to:

  • Adopting City ordinances
  • Appointing members to boards, committees and commissions
  • Approving the City budget based on income generated by property taxes and other income sources.

The Mayor has additional responsibilities as the official head of the City, conducting council meetings and representing the City at various government functions on a local, state and national basis.

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