Douglas Public Works

Public Works

Telephone: 269.857.2763
Hours: 6:30 am to 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday
Location: 486 South Water at the corner of Wiley & Water Road

Rick Zoet, Director
Greg Salinas
Cody Carpenter
Kyle Hooker
Bill Brown

The City of Douglas Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the 17 miles of streets and roadways within the City limits. Street sweeping, paving, snow removal and salting, pot hole repair, crosswalk maintenance, traffic sign placement and striping fall under the DPW responsibilities. As well as maintaining streets, the DPW is also responsible for performing the following tasks:

  • Maintenance of City Hall, DPW Garage and the Douglas Police building.
  • Maintenance of parks, playgrounds, ball fields, boat launch facilities, bridges, public restrooms and beach.
  • Planting new trees in public rights-of way and maintenance and trimming of City owned trees.
  • Maintenance of downtown street lighting, landscaping, hanging seasonal banners and parking lots.
  • General setup, assistance and clean up of civic events.
  • Maintenance of City owned equipment.

Snow Plowing

Because we live in a “winter wonderland”, one of the most important jobs is keeping our City streets safe and passable for motorists. Overnight parking is prohibited on City streets from November through the month of April so that we may plow the streets during the early morning hours. In an average year the City uses 350 to 400 tons of deicing salt on the streets to keep them clear.


Public Road Map