Property Taxes

The City of Douglas sends out tax statements twice a year. The summer bill is mailed to property owners the first week of July and is payable by September 14th. The winter bill is mailed the first week in December and is payable by February 14th. The summer and winter bills combined cover a calendar year tax obligation. If you have not received your tax statements by the middle of July and December please contact the Treasurer’s office for a duplicate copy.

To qualify for a Principal Residence Exemption (P.R.E.) you must own and occupy your residence on or before June 1st for the summer bill or on or before November 1 for the winter bill. Your drivers’ license, voters’ registration and federal income tax return must reflect your City of Douglas address. If you have a 100% P.R.E. exemption you are exempt from paying the school operating millage and will see the word “EXEMPT” on that line of the tax bill.

Applications for deferment of summer taxes are available in the City Treasurer’s office. To qualify for this deferment you must be a full-time resident and gross household income may not exceed $40,000 for the preceding calendar year. Payment of the summer tax may be deferred without penalty or interest charges until February 14th.

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