City Officials


Your Mayor and City Council are an active, elected body of government officials responsible for legislation and policy-making for the City. The Mayor and six Council members are devoted to: • Adopting City ordinances • Appointing members to boards, committee and commissions • Approving the City budget based on income generated by property taxes and other Income sources. The Mayor has additional responsibilities as the official head of the City, conducting council meetings and representing the City at various government functions on a local, state and national basis.

City Manager

The City Manager serves as Chief Administrative and Executive Officer of the City of the Village of Douglas. The City Manager is appointed by, and serves at the pleasure of the elected City Council. The City Manager administers and coordinates various functions of City government as stated in the City Charter and supplemented by policies established by the City Council. Specific Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Administers the day-to-day operations and policies of the City.
  • Determines and ensures that employees are aware of the City objectives and are performing their functions toward accomplishing these objectives.
  • Assists in preparation of the annual budget with the Finance Director / Treasurer; advises City Council regarding the City’s financial condition including status of major projects and programs.
  • Prepares and presents periodic and special reports concerning activities of municipal government.
  • Attends and participates in Council meetings, including presenting special studies and reports requested by the Council or on own initiative.
  • Represents the city in intergovernmental relationships with neighboring townships and cities.
  • Attends and participates in professional meetings / conferences of current developments in municipal government.
  • Performs special projects as directed by the Council.
  • Performs a wide variety of relative administrative and executive duties and responsibilities.
  • Hires and supervises the City’s staff.

City Clerk

The office of the City Clerk strives to provide efficient, friendly public service and maintain the integrity of the public records of the City of the Village of Douglas. The responsibilities of the City Clerk vary widely. The City Clerk provides administrative and clerical support to the City Staff and City Council, prepares agendas and records and transcribes the minutes. The City Clerk administers elections and maintains the records of all registered voters in the City. In addition to many other duties, the Clerk is responsible for the dissemination and preservation of official City records, publishing and posting all legal notices, Freedom of Information Act responses and issuance of certain required licenses and permits.

City Treasurer

All monies paid to the City are received and accounted for by the City Treasurer. The Treasurer is responsible for all deposits, investments and billing, collection and disbursement of property taxes, and budgeting. Property tax bills are mailed to property owners twice a year. Taxes are calculated on the Taxable Value of the property. The summer billing is mailed the first week of July and is due by September 14th. The winter billing is mailed the first week of December and is due by February 14th. After March 1st of each year all uncollected real property taxes are turned over to the Allegan County Treasurer for collection. Millage rates are set by each of the taxing authorities. The taxing authorities then direct the City how much to collect and when to collect it. The City of the Village of Douglas bills, collects and disburses taxes for Saugatuck Public Schools, Allegan County, Ottawa Area Intermediate School District, Interurban Transit Authority, Saugatuck Douglas District Library, Saugatuck Township Fire District, State of Michigan, and of course the City of the Village of Douglas.

City Assessor

The City Assessor annually discovers, lists and values all taxable property within the City of the Village of Douglas. The authority is derived from the Michigan Constitution, State statutes, and the City Charter. The primary responsibility of the assessor is to develop the true cash value (market value) of property so that in proportion to this value, taxpayers may contribute a fair share of support for the community services received. The assessor prepares all regular and special assessment rolls for the City. Annually the City Assessor reviews the new construction that has occurred in the City, reviews existing properties and places the appropriate assessed value and taxable value on the assessment roll. Likewise the personal property in possession of local businesses is reviewed and appropriate assessments are assigned. The Assessor administers the Principal Residence Exemption affidavits that allow properties that are owned and occupied as a principal residence to pay a lower school millage rate than non-homestead properties.

City Planner

For requests that require Planning Commission or Zoning Board of Appeals review and/or approval, all sign permits, fence permits, rezoning requests, special land use, PUD, site plan, road cuts, land division, or master planning, please contact the City of the Village of Douglas at 269-857-1438.