The City Assessor annually discovers, lists and values all taxable property within the City of the Village of Douglas. The authority is derived from the Michigan Constitution, State statutes, and the City Charter. The primary responsibility of the assessor is to develop the true cash value (market value) of property so that in proportion to this value, taxpayers may contribute a fair share of support for the community services received. The assessor prepares all regular and special assessment rolls for the City. Annually the City Assessor reviews the new construction that has occurred in the City, reviews existing properties and places the appropriate assessed value and taxable value on the assessment roll. Likewise the personal property in possession of local businesses is reviewed and appropriate assessments are assigned. The Assessor administers the Principal Residence Exemption affidavits that allow properties that are owned and occupied as a principal residence to pay a lower school millage rate than non-homestead properties.

Assessor Thomas Doane is in the City of the Village of Douglas office each Tuesday from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm. Call 269-857-1438 to set an appointment with him or contact him at:

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